As Illinois enters a fifth month with no budget, the library community is encouraged to take action and connect with legislators.



The November 25, 2015, IHLS newsletter includes:

  • IHLS Closed for Thanksgiving
  • Delivery Update – Library Closings & No Delivery Forms
  • IHLS Board Meeting – December 1, 2015
  • Member Spotlight: Rantoul Public Library
  • Try-It! Illinois Ends November 30th
  • Grants, Awards & Scholarships
  • In the News
  • E-News from the Illinois State Library
  • Upcoming Free Webinars & Workshops
  • Upcoming Events in Library Learning



Earlier this year 192 respondents completed the second IHLS delivery survey. Thank you to the members that completed the survey.


Click here to view the report.

At its October meeting, the IHLS Board of Directors approved four components of the Long Range Plan.  

The VisionMissionValues and Goals are the guiding documents that will lead the organization forward for the next few years.  Strategic initiatives and activities will be developed to support the long range goals and will be included in each year's plan of service.  

A recap of significant actions taken by the board at their October 27, 2015, meeting.

Next board meeting date: Tuesday, December 1, 2015.

The Dream Grant video highlights how SHARE membership can have a very positive impact on a community—especially smaller more rural ones.

IHLS placed a bulk order of the latest edition of Illinois Library Laws & Rules (2015)!

The books are available to our members at $22.50/copy.  We strongly recommend all members have at least one copy for their library due to the very recent changes in the Library System service standards.  The books are also available to ILA members for $25/copy and $50/copy for nonmembers.

IHLS delivery staff have been testing our new customer ticketing software and are now at the stage where we feel we can release it to everyone.  We ask that you please be patient! We are confident that any “bugs” will be worked out, as our members begin to utilize the software.