As you may be aware, an estimated 45,000+ people will be coming to Carbondale to view the Solar Eclipse. The IHLS Carbondale Hub will still be able to run routes on Friday, August 18, but please be patient for your library's respective deliveries, as we will work to put out our best effort as usual. Due to traffic issues and safety concerns on the day of the Eclipse, the IHLS Carbondale Hub will not be able to run on Monday, August 21 and we will resume normal deliveries on Tuesday, August 22.

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The August 7, 2017, IHLS newsletter includes:

  • IHLS Staff Day
  • School Delivery Starts Week of August 21st
  • IHLS Board Meeting – August 22, 2017
  • Member Spotlights:
    • Diana Brawley Sussman
    • Allen Lanham Retirement
    • Architectural Walking Tour
  • Grants, Awards & Scholarships
  • In the News
  • Friends in Rural Places: Creating Dementia Friendly Libraries: Training for Small and Rural Library Staff
  • Upcoming Events in Library Learning
  • Free Webinars & Workshops
  • Upcoming Events & Deadlines

Big news! Illinois Heartland Library System (IHLS) is embarking on our seventh year of operations. In the last few years we have grown and come together as an organization. This is the perfect time to evaluate our organization’s brand and logo to ensure it conveys who we are today and how we are moving forward in the future. We are pleased to announce that today we are releasing an updated brand identity, which includes a new logo, colors, and font as part of the ongoing evolution of Illinois Heartland Library System.

There has been some confusion as to whether or not we still do Delivery On the Go (DOG).  DOG is where a library, on the same route, has requested an item for delivery. That item may be able to be delivered later that day when the driver arrives at that library.  DOGs are only available if that library is on the same route as your library and delivery is scheduled to arrive at the receiving library later that day.

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