Instructional Media Center Teacher/Information Literacy Instructor - O'Fallon Township High School

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  Student Support Services
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  650 Milburn School Road, OFallon, IL 62269
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A. Learning and Teaching 

  1. Perform the duties of teacher and instructional consultant as a specialist in learning resources and information location, evaluation and use. 
  2. Collaborate with teachers and administrators to integrate critical thinking skills, research strategies, information retrieval skills, and literature appreciation into all aspects of the curriculum. 
  3. Utilize current research and methods in areas of reading, technology, teaching. learning, and library and information science. 
  4. Work closely with individual teachers in the critical areas of designing authentic learning tasks and assessments and integrating the information and communication abilities required to meet subject areas standards.
  5. Work with the acting IMC Coordinator to implement and actively teach a sequential information literacy curriculum. 
  6. Model effective inquiry, encourage knowledge building, and promote a love of learning in the entire school community. 
  7. Develop and embrace new models for interacting with learners using century technologies. 
  8. Use a variety of materials and activities to stimulate and maximize learning and to help students achieve educational and personal goals. 
  9. Provide reading, viewing and listening guidance to meet the needs of the media center users. 
  10. Exercise leadership and serve as a catalyst in the instructional program. 
  11. Collaborate with students and other members of the learning community to analyze learning and information needs, to locate and use resources that will meet those needs, and to understand and communicate the information the resources provide. 
  12. Partner in the ongoing assessment of student learning. 
  13. Collaborate with other media specialists, the public library, and other agencies in the community. 
  14. Actively seek out and share with faculty and administrators' current research and methods in the areas of reading, technology, teaching, learning and other appropriate curricular areas. 
  15. Participate in professional development opportunities, conferences, workshops, in-service education, and academic courses. 
  16. Conduct staff orientation and staff development programs for faculty members and media center personnel. 
  17. Serve on district level and building level committees involved with designing learning activities, revising curriculum, strategic planning, school improvement, and other advisory groups. 
  18. Plan, design, and administer reading enrichment and reading inventive programming.

B. Information Specialist

  1. Provide leadership and expertise in acquiring and evaluating information resources in all formats; in bringing an awareness of information issues into collaborative relationships with teachers, administrators, students, and others; and in modeling for students and others strategies for locating, accessing, and evaluating information within and beyond the library media center. 
  2. Select material and technology which support the school's educational philosophy and curriculum and are in accordance with district policy. 
  3. Create and maintain a collection development process which includes such aspects as maintaining accurate and current catalogs and records, weeding and inventorying. 
  4. Classify and organize the media center's materials for maximum accessibility and availability. 
  5. Consult with faculty and students to determine needs before evaluating, selecting and acquiring resources to meet those needs. 
  6. Select and provide resources and technologies needed to integrate and produce authentic learning experiences. 
  7. Review professional journals, reviews, bibliographies, selection aids, publisher's catalogs and brochures as appropriate. 
  8. Master electronic resources and maintain a constant focus on the nature, quality, and ethical use of information available in these and in more traditional tools. 
  9. Provide access to a wide range of materials and information in all formats for both students and staff by adhering to established policies, copyright laws, principles of intellectual freedom, and ethical behavior.

C.   Program Administration

  1. Work with the acting IMC Coordinator to plan and administer the school media program, and to develop policies and services that support the school's mission and instructional objectives, and to establish a program that works cooperatively with the learning community. 
  2. Maintain flexible access policies for staff and students within the building's unique circumstances. 
  3. Work with the acting IMC Coordinator to plan and allocate the media center budget. 
  4. Work with the acting IMC Coordinator to select, train, and supervise media center personnel, student assistants, and adult volunteers. 
  5. Supervise all student activities in the media center. 
  6. Promote the library media program, services, and its materials by maintaining a positive relationship with students, staff, and the learning community. 
  7. Maintain a proper learning environment that is attractive, inviting and cordial. 
  8. Work with administration and staff to implement a technologically advanced facility and program. 
  9. Evaluate library media programs, services, facilities, and materials to ensure optimum use. 
  10. Advocate for library media program and provide the knowledge, vision, and leadership to steer it creatively and energetically in the twenty-first century. 
  11. Perform other duties as assigned by the acting IMC Coordinator.

Compensation for Teaching positions are based on Appendix A of the Agreement between the Board of Education, O'Fallon Township High School District No. 203 and the O'Fallon Federation of Teachers, O'Fallon, IL 62269 (Collective Bargaining Agreement).


In addition to submitting your on-line application at , please send a letter of interest, a photocopy of your Illinois Teaching  Certificate, a photocopy of your Library and Information Science Degree, a resume, a photocopy of your college transcripts, 3 letters of recommendation and any additional supporting materials you would like to have included with your application to: Amy Gass, Human Resources, O'Fallon Township High School, 600 South Smiley, O'Fallon, IL 62269.