Librarian for the 2011-2012 School Year

TITLE:                  Librarian (Secondary Level)

                              Material Center Consultant (Elementary Level)



1.      Illinois State teachers certificate in teaching field.

2.      Bachelor's Degree

3.      Ability to function effectively as a member of the school staff.


REPORTS TO:     The Principal



(Instructs, and Evaluates the work of):

1.      Assistant Librarians

2.      Students

3.      Assists the Principal with the evaluation of Teaching Assistants

4.      Student Helpers

5.      Volunteers

6.      Secretaries


JOB GOAL:         To provide all students with an enriched library environment containing a wide variety and range of materials that will invite intellectual growth, and to aid all students in acquiring the skills needed to take full advantage of media center resources.



(The following are the essential fundamentals to include but not limited to the following job duties.)

1.      Select, acquire, process and circulate print and nonprint materials and professional materials.  In so doing, the librarian must seek recommendations from teachers, as well as use appropriate selection tools and preview some materials before purchase.

2.      Supervise and maintain activities and materials in the library, providing an efficient organization for effective use by students and teachers.

3.      Work closely with teachers to coordinate materials and activities with the curriculum and with the classroom program.

4.      Inspire the use and enjoyment of the library by students and teachers.

5.      Promote reading as a source of enjoyment for all students and make available both print and non-print materials which will encourage reading.

6.      Teach students, both informally and in class situations, to use the tools and keys available in the library.  Assist students as needed in the location, evaluation and interpretation of materials.

7.      Provide orientation programs for students and teachers.

8.      Use a variety of means to make teachers and students aware of the resources which are available.

9.      Work with the principal in planning expenditures, specific programs, goals for expected student behavior, and expansion of the facilities as needed.

10.  Coordinate efforts with the building audio visual director, at the high school level.

11.  Participate in curriculum development and organizational activities through the building faculty, city-wide library groups, and task forces.

12.  Provide opportunities for students and teachers to produce materials for instructional purposes.

13.  More specific suggested duties will be found on pages 13 through 16 of the Learning Center Handbook.

14.  At the elementary school, where the librarian may have more than one school assignment, one school will be named as home base and the librarian will have the responsibility for attending faculty meetings there.  However, there should be some opportunity to meet with the faculty in each building.  Plans must be made with the principal for the manner in which the library will be used on those days that the librarian is not present.



                              Salary is based on Schedules A and B of the collective negotiated Agreement



Each employee in contractual continuing service shall be evaluated at least once every two (2) years.  Each employee not in continuing contractual service shall be evaluated once every year.

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