Librarian (part-time) - Hanson Professional Services, Springfield, IL

Hanson Professional Services Inc. is seeking a candidate to fill a part-time Librarian position in the Springfield, IL office.  This position establishes and implements services to extend the library function throughout the company.  Services include such procedures as cataloging, classification, material processing and collection, and file maintenance.  This is a Project Delivery Services corporate unit position.

General Assignments:  Provide reference investigations on technical, scientific, engineering and business subjects.  Perform original and copy cataloging according to AACR2; classify materials according to LC classification schedules. Find, order and process materials for main library and branch libraries.  Develop and implement cataloging, retention, and other technical services, policies and procedures. Perform circulation procedures.  Provide database assistance to users. 

Requirements:  Master’s degree in Library Science preferred or equivalent job experience. Knowledge of and ability to use Library of Congress classification, MARC format and Library of Congress subject headings.  Detail oriented and accurate work habits.  Ability to develop and maintain positive working relationships with co-workers.

Anticipated Classification Range:  Administrative V-VI

Contact:  Interested and qualified Hanson employees should submit HRMP-8.2 "Employee Application for Posted Position" and a current resume to Human Resources-558P by June 15, 2012.  Form HRMP-8.2 is available through Human Resources.

Interested and qualified applicants, other than Hanson employees, should apply through the Hanson website, to job #558P by June 15, 2012.

As employers/governmental contractors, we comply with government regulations, including affirmative action responsibilities where they apply.  To assist us in meeting our affirmative action goals, employees are encouraged to refer minorities, women, veterans and the handicapped.

Salary: $16.50-34.00/hr.