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Marji Gibbs
Email / text notifications

Are you using SHARE email and text notifications for books on hold and overdues?  I 'm experimenting with some students. We  run overdues weekly, but with the email and texting, maybe I will have to switch to daily. The report emailed from SHARE shows students who have been emailed or texted.  Polaris seems to keep on texting / emailing until the notices are posted to the database.  So I did have 4 students lined up to renew first thing Monday morning because Polaris texted them 8 times over the weekend :)  Hopefully that is ironed out by daily posting,   Marji Gibbs Salem Community HS Media Center

Debra Weiler
I am new to being in a SHARE

I am new to being in a SHARE library. We are using the email notification. What do you mean by "posting to the database"?   Debbie Weiler

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