Library Closings

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Library NameClosed DateCommentssort descending
Arcola Public Library District07/04/2014
Carlinville Public Library08/13/2014
Hayner Public Library District12/26/2014Christmas
Hayner Public Library District12/24/2014Christmas
Hayner Public Library District12/25/2014Christmas
Rend Lake College07/04/2014Closed for Independance Day
Newton Public Library District07/04/2014Closed for Independence Day
Rend Lake College07/25/2014Hours for this day will be 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m
Grand Prairie of the West Public Library District07/04/2014Independence Day
Hayner Public Library District07/04/2014Independence Day
Maryville Community Library District07/04/2014Independence Day
Hayner Public Library District09/01/2014Labor Day
Hayner Public Library District08/31/2014Labor Day
Hayner Public Library District12/31/2014New Year Holiday
Illinois Library System Directors Organization01/01/2014SAMPLE ENTRY ONLY
Hayner Public Library District11/27/2014Thanksgiving
Hayner Public Library District11/11/2014Veterans' Day