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Nick Bennyhoff
Welcome to the IHLS member forums!

Welcome to the new service IHLS is offering to our libraries in order to better facilitate communication. Please sign in using your L2 login. To reply to a forum post, post in the Add new comment section.   If you do not have an L2 account, or have forgotten your password, please visit L2 to create an account or request a new password.

Richard Chartrand
Patron block for late fees

Is there a way for Polaris to block patrons who have charges that exceed our old limit in III. Unless the staff is paying very close attention they can check out to people who owe money without needing to override?

Nick Bennyhoff
Yes, there is

Yes, it is possible to get that set up in Polaris.

Submit a help ticket on the SHARE helpdesk and one of our staff can take care of that for you.

Karen Sinks
Branch Number

Hi -

Can you tell me where to find my library's 3-digit branch number?  Thanks.

Nick Bennyhoff
Branch Number

Karen, If you mean the 3-digit number used on the PAC, the easiest way I'm aware of is to go to the SHARE website and go to the page How to create a search box on your library's website.

Choose the HTML code, and your 3-digit code will appear. Here's an example:

<form action="http://search.illinoisheartland.org/view.aspx" method="get">
Search catalog for: <input id=textboxTerm size=25 type="text" name="keyword" />
<input type="hidden" name="ctx" value="228.1033.0.0.1" />
<input type="submit" value="Go!" />

The bold number is the 3-digit number of the library (the number above is from a randomly selected library, you'll need to do this yourself to find the number for your library).

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