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Customer Service at the Library - Joliet Public Library

This spring, MLNC is hosting a fun and interactive all-day customer service workshop in Joliet, Illinois, at the Black Road Branch of the Joliet Public Library. The workshop will help attendees develop attitudes and actions for cultivating customer loyalty with both internal and external customers at the library.

Customer Service at the Library
May 17, 2012, 9:30 a.m.-3:30 p.m.
Joliet Public Library—Black Road Branch, Joliet, Illinois
$100-$130 depending on MLNC Membership (includes lunch!)

This customer-centered workshop is recommended for any staff member who interacts with patrons on a regular basis. An extremely interactive workshop, it includes a variety of hands-on exercises, and is an enjoyable and valuable learning experience. The impact of the program will be reflected in improved employee job satisfaction and greater effectiveness with customers.

ISLMA announces Readers' Choice Awards - 2012

ISLMA is pleased to announce the winning titles of the Readers’ Choice Awards for 2012:


The winner of the 2012 Abraham Lincoln Award is:


                                Maze Runner by James Dashner

"Public Libraries at Work" Webinar Series


"Public Libraries at Work" Webinar Series

Illinois Collections Preservation Network offers free workshops

Institutions around Illinois collect and care for tens of millions of objects that record the history, material culture, and natural history of the state.  Many are at risk of damage from a variety of sources including fires and natural disasters.  The Illinois Collections Preservation Network (ICPN) was established in 2010 to ensure the long-term preservation of museum, library, and archival collections in Illinois that document cultural and natural heritage for the education and enrichment of future generations.

The One Big Happy LLSAP has a new name!

We were pleased to have 50 entries submitted to the LLSAP managers' Name the New LLSAP contest.

The members of the Joint LLSAP Advisory/Governing Boards voted for their favorite among the five, and the winner was announced at that group's meeting on March 19.

Small Public Libraries Meeting

The next Small Public Libraries Meeting will be at Blue Mound Memorial Library District  on Monday, April 16, 2012 at 10:00AM hosted by Alice Reed, Library Director.  We share ideas, discuss problems, and share events at our libraries.   If you are unable to attend and have something you would like an answer too, let me know before Wednesday, 4/11, and we will try to discuss it at the meeting.  Alice and her crew will be serving us a light lunch, please be sure to RSVP in L2.  Blue Mound Library is located at 213 North Saint Marie Street, Blue Mound, IL 62513.  Register in L2.

Searching for Candidates for IHLS Board of Directors Elections

The IHLS Nominating Committee is searching for potential candidates for the 2012 IHLS Board of Directors elections. If you're interested in serving on the board and would like the Nominating Committee to consider placing your name on the election ballot, please complete this survey: 

Please forward the survey to  board members, colleagues and others who may be interested in appearing on the ballot, and to anyone you feel would make a great candidate!

Hop on over to the next District 522 Meeting and put some new ideas into your BASKET!

WHERE:  Mascoutah High School Library (They built a whole new high school!)
WHEN:    Friday, March 30, 2012
TIME:     9:00am Refreshments; 9:30-Noon Meeting


Meeting Agenda (click on Read more to see full details):

· -- What the heck is it?

·       Wikipedia is Gaining Respect

·       Dealing with Challenging Patrons in your Library

·       Showcase and Share About You and Your Library

·       Eggstraspecial Library Discussions

·       Tour of the NEW Mascoutah High School

We really hope you can make it to the meeting!  We’d love to meet you!  Or see you again!

And don’t forget to RSVP!  We want to make sure we have a cup of coffee or juice ready for you!

Write a My Turn column for the ILA Reporter

Hello library people,

Would you like to write an article or My Turn column for the ILA
Reporter? Please read below, and if you’re willing to write one of the
articles we need about Digitization/Local History Collections, email
your idea to me at  . I will send a
second message to the list when I’ve got the authors I need. Thank you
for considering this.

Be proud! Be Loud! Celebrate our accomplishments by nominating someone for an ILA Award!

One way to validate the importance of libraries in Illinois is to document and publicize the wonderful things we do. The ILA Awards are an established and prominent conduit we can take advantage of to help achieve this goal.

Besides promoting libraries to our public, this is also an opportunity to let our colleagues know about innovative programs and ideas that hard-working librarians and staff throughout Illinois have created. Inspiration and good ideas should be shared.

The first step in this process is to nominate someone for an award.  And this is where you can help. We need to get the word out.

Awards are due this year by May 15th. Nominating someone for an ILA Award is easy to do. Visit to learn about all of the awards, then submit the nomination form and all supporting documentation via the ILA Web site.

Poster/announcement pdf.