Board Members

Sandy West Sandy West

Academic Library Representative

I have a love for reading and would love when I grow up to become a professional book reviewer for some of my favorite authors like James Patterson, Tess Gerritsen, etc. My passion then extends to the work I perform at Rend Lake College, where I find it a value to share the knowledge of library resources with our students, staff, and faculty. To further support those efforts I believe in the IHLS board and IHLS staff’s commitment to bringing library resources to the communities IHLS serves.
Sarah Isaacs Sarah Isaacs

Vice President
Special Library Representative

Libraries have always been a part of my life. I have volunteered or worked in just about every kind of library you can imagine. Currently, I am the director of a special library that serves families in Illinois who have a child with developmental delays or special needs. In this library and all libraries, I believe providing resources opens doors.
Tina Hubert Tina Hubert

Public Library Representative

I've been a library-geek since I was a very young child; and interestingly enough I'm in the same library now as I was then (Granite City is my hometown). I've worked in libraries across Illinois for almost - gasp - 30 years! It is my honor and privilege to try to support and contribute as much as possible to all types of libraries, because all types of libraries have added so much to my life both personally and professionally.
Geoffrey Bant Geoffrey Bant

Public Library Trustee

Mary Beil Mary Beil

School Library Representative

Gary Denue Gary Denue

Public Library Trustee

Deborah Owen Deborah Owen

Public Library Trustee

As far back as I can remember, libraries have been part of my life. Whether it was the weekly visits to our local branch that my family made when I was growing up in Evanston, IL, the wonderful school libraries I was lucky enough to have access to or spending hours getting sublimely lost in the campus libraries at the University of Illinois. It was there that I made a decision to spend my working life as a librarian. I got my MLS and went on to work at Washington University, Belleville PL and finally became director at Fairview Heights PL (a position that I held for 31 years). I believe that libraries of all kinds are an important part of our democracy (see ALA’s democracy statement)
Clyde Hall Clyde Hall

Public Library Trustee

As the area I grew up in was not part of a library district, my mother paid the considerable out-of-district fee so that I could have books all summer long and material for research during school years. I read much and often to make her investment a good one, and it taught me the value of the library as a resource. I serve as a Public Library Trustee in Mt. Vernon and on IHLS to preserve and ensure that resource continues for others.
Gary Jones Gary Jones

Public Library Trustee

Beverly Obert Beverly Obert

Public Library Trustee

I love libraries and all the things I can explore and learn about in them. I have worked in public libraries and in the systems. Being a trustee allows me to help libraries remain strong and vital for others to explore.
John Phillips John Phillips

Public Library Trustee

Charlene Topel Charlene Topel

Public Library Trustee

The enjoyment of reading for entertainment and information has been central to my life. For a number of years this pursuit was channeled to helping others as a member of the staff of a public library. Serving on the IHLS board has expanded my goal and responsibility to provide information by means of books and technology to the public of Illinois
Sara Zumwalt Sara Zumwalt

Public Library Representative

I have been a patron of the Litchfield Library since I was a young girl. Now I am the director. I feel that libraries are the heart of every community, and I am proud to be a part of IHLS as we strive to serve libraries and communities of all sizes.